Testimonials from Families…

We want to express to you how grateful we are for the grant from 12 Oaks to help pay for our daughters activities!  It is during these difficult times that God often sends the help I need.  Thank you very much.  The work you are doing really makes a difference in my life and in others.

We are very grateful for the 12 Oaks Foundation contribution to our daughter Maggie’s volleyball club.  We appreciate your assistance.

Words can’t express our grateful and deep appreciation for all that you have done for our daughter and ultimately for us.  Without your help and generosity there would be no way for her to fulfill her dreams.  Thank you for all your help!

Thank you so much for your grant to pay for my swimming.  It’s very helpful right now.  I appreciate you all for that!  I do love swimming.  Thanks.

We are grateful for the support of 12 Oaks Foundation.  Thank you for assisting us in keeping life “normal” for our kids during this difficult time.

Thank you so much for helping make my club season happen during this hard time. I’m forever grateful! Thank you again! I’m having a wonderful season and I owe it all to you.

We just want to take the time to thank you very much for the grants of $500 to defray the costs for each of our 4 children to continue with their sporting activities during our son Timmy’s treatment for Cancer.  We have come to appreciate the importance of organizations like yours to help families like ours to not feel so alone and feel treated with kindness and compassion. While Timmy has had support from his school and coaches, his siblings don’t always get that support. People tend to forget that they too are experiencing the fear and heartache that comes with Cancer.  We are all very grateful for your generosity and thoughtfulness!

I received a letter today confirming that 12 Oaks Foundation is once again helping our son, Emmett, to continue his taekwondo lessons. Please share my sincere gratitude with Julie and Steve Hupp and everyone else who sacrifices time and energy to bless and support families such as ours in such a practical, important way.

You have been supporting my girls in dance for years now.  I never thought I would be sick this long.  Without your unbelievable generosity my girls would not do what brings them so much joy and happiness and what makes them feel so “normal” in the midst of illness.  I am so beyond thankful to you – all of you.

I want to say Thank You from the bottom of my heart!  The $500 you gave to each of my daughter’s swim fees is so appreciated.  What a wonderful foundation.  Thank you, Thank you!

Thank you for allowing me to continue gymnastics.  It means the world to me!

My son Ian and I would like to express our sincere thanks to 12 Oaks Foundation for accepting our application for a grant to keep Ian in his sports activities.  Karate and bowling are very important to us.  We are thankful that organizations like your exist.  Keeping children in extracurricular activities makes a big impact on their futures.  Thank you so much.

Thank you for helping me do gymnastics!  That is what I truly love to do.  Thank you for letting me do that!

12 Oaks has made it possible for our boys to continue to participate in the activities they love.  Thank you very much, it is truly appreciated!

Testimonials from Individuals…

I want to send my most sincere thank you for the grant money for our children: Mallory, Nicholas, and Charlie.  Your money will pay for a year of piano lessons for all three.  Our children are so happy to know that they can continue with their lessons.

Thank you for all you do for the kids!  They deserve it and you are very special people.

I wanted to thank you for all the information you shared with me as well as for the grants for my children.  It has been a difficult year and a half so far, mentally and financially.  It is completely amazing when organizations provide for children who have a need.  I couldn’t call you to thank you because I can’t even think about it without crying much less speak.  Thank you very much for your generosity and kindness.  It most certainly will be treasured!  Thank you again.

Thank you so much for the grant for Becca’s sister Julia!  We appreciate all what you have done for both girls.  Volleyball has helped Julia out so much!  She’s part of a team that needs her!  It’s amazing what your organization does to help families and we are very honored you have helped us out!

Thank you so much for the generous grant which has allowed me to continue taking piano lessons through CSA.  I have been taking lessons there for 12 years and I have really grown in my understanding and appreciation of music.  I am so grateful for your grant which has allowed me to continue playing.

Thank you so very much for taking the time to go over the grant for Rachel and for the grant committee approving the application so quickly!  We are thrilled and Rachel is elated to be able to play basketball again thanks to the generosity of everyone at 12 Oaks Foundation!

Again, I cannot thank you enough for the financial assistance you have given us. It has made a huge difference in whether the kids can continue in their sport activities or not. A. is continuing his swimming. Because of your help, he reached his goal of making it to the regional swim meet. Not only did he qualify in the 1 event he thought he could achieve, he qualified for a total of 4 events. He has a very good chance of making state cuts in his 50 Free. Without your help, Julie, this would not have happened. I cannot thank you enough for giving A. and E. the opportunity to continue the sports they love!!!!

Thank you so much. I appreciate everything you have done. It really is so nice to know what great people are out there to help out in these difficult times. The next few months are going to be difficult as R. is having a bone marrow transplant soon. He was scheduled to have the transplant next week but a virus has delayed it. We pray everyday that all goes well and he can be back to playing in little league and with his travel baseball team again. Also, I have attached pictures of my children. S. is #6 in her Volleyball picture. Thank you so much for helping her and our family.

Once again, thank you so much. As I write this, W. is in the hospital fighting a fever. You’re right- it has been a whirlwind since March 18th. W. also is battling xx and seizures so our course of treatment has been pretty complicated. Your support is appreciated more than you know.

Twelve Oaks foundation’s generous gift for our older son, Patrick, afforded him the opportunity to play varsity lacrosse last year with his high school team during a very difficult time in our lives. Lacrosse season coincided with the time William was diagnosed. Patrick’s coaches and teammates played a very important role in supporting Patrick both on and off the field. Patrick was kept very busy during one of the most difficult and intense portions of William’s treatment, which in many ways, was healthy and therapeutic for him. To this day, we continue to talk about the importance of this sport in Patrick’s life and how grateful we are to 12 Oaks for their concern and generosity. Patrick is now in his senior year and he has just begun varsity lacrosse season. He is planning to attend Marquette University this fall and will play club lacrosse. We will be forever indebted to 12 Oaks for keeping some normalcy in Patrick’s life while our lives were anything but normal. Thank you very, very much.

WOW 12 Oak’s Foundation, what an amazing foundation you are; I just love what you do!! The gift of music, dance, sports…all those things are just so expensive and with mounting medical bills, we just had to tell the kids, we just can’t afford it; they were heart broken. But, now, with your help, our girls are able to enjoy dance, piano lessons and voice lessons too! Thank you for all that you do to help families like mine!

Testimonials from Groups…

Firstly as Grayslake Galaxy Soccer Club and now FC Lake County we have been fortunate enough to work closely with the 12 Oaks Foundation over the past 4 years. The foundation has provided funding to allow three players to continue to be part of our travel soccer program when their families have been faced with financial hardship. The players have been able to continue their physical and skill development with the club through the generous grants given to us. More importantly they have been able to continue to grow as individuals and spend time with their friends and teammates, both on and off the field. We cannot thank 12 Oaks, Steve and Julie enough for their assistance and look forward to supporting the foundation in any way we can for years to come.

Technical Director – U8-U12 FC Lake County

Camp Kesem Northwestern is honored to partner with 12 Oaks Foundation to promote our missions of supporting children whose families have been affected by cancer.  The support we received from 12 Oaks will completely fund a week of summer camp for three children from the Chicagoland area.  These campers have or had a parent with cancer, may not be able to afford other camps because of the high costs of cancer treatments, and will be able to be surrounded by peers who understand the social and emotional effects that cancer can have .  Thank you 12 Oaks for helping us reach out to more families and for making our 10th anniversary even more magical!

Outreach and Development Coordinators at Camp Kesem Northwestern

B & B’s aim is to have young athletes from the west side of Lake County (Round Lake, Grayslake, Lake Villa, Fox Lake, Mundelein), MEET young athletes from the east side of Lake County (Zion, North Chicago, Waukegan and Gurnee) through basketball to share experiences, become life long friends and develop into good student athletes while becoming solid citizens.

B&B Rising Stars – Motto East meets West

Outreach has started and we are reaching out to Children’s Hospitals as well as the local sports and art organizations that come into direct contact with families struggling with these financial needs. We hope to reach and help over 80 families in 2011, as well as to assist over 20 youth organizations.

Hoopsters Basketball Camp