When a family member is fighting cancer, the whole family suffers.  Emotional and financial resources become depleted at an alarming rate.  For a sibling or a child of a cancer patient, life is turned upside down.  Often these kids feel lost as their need for outside activities goes unanswered.  Yet those same activities help these kids to deal with their pain. Our goal is to ensure that these children and their families maintain a strong connection to their communities through continued participation in sports or extra-curricular activities during their difficult time. 

12 Oaks Family Grants

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Children ages 8-18 whose participation in an athletic or artistic extracurricular activity has been or is at risk of being interrupted by the financial strain of cancer treatment within the family. Currently, we help families in Illinois and Wisconsin who have a family member in active cancer treatment.

We do provide grants to multiple children within a family.

Application Process

Prior to registering for upcoming sports and artistic programs, fill out the application and submit.

After requirements of application process are met, the grants committee will review within three to five days. Upon approval, 12 Oaks Foundation will pay the organization directly on your behalf.

The application must be accompanied by a copy of a brochure, flyer, website page, or letter from the individual/organization providing the activity or lessons.

Annual Limits and Multiple Years

For us to touch as many lives as possible, we cap financial support up to two activities and/or $500 per child and $2000 per family annually. However we do provide grants as many years as patient is in treatment.

No Income Qualifications

We understand ongoing cancer treatment often results in financial strain on families. However, we may request additional information to understand the financial need for the activity or other support that may be available directly from the organization.

Does the family have to repay the grant?

Only if the child does not end up participating in the activity.

Grants to Organizations

While we are dedicated to our mission of providing direct support to families, occasionally we will provide a grant to a partner organization in support of these families. The group application is located here.



Grants from the 12 Oaks Foundation are made possible by our sponsors, fundraising events, and the generous contributions of our private donors.