Timmy, Sean, Kellie, & Jack’s Story

Personal Message of Thanks

Dear 12 Oaks Foundation,

We just want to take the time to thank you very much for the grants of $500 to defray the costs for each of our 4 children to continue with their sporting activities during our son Timmy’s treatment for Cancer.

Timmy and Sean are the soccer players, Kellie is the gymnast, and Jack is the lacrosse player. Keeping them active and involved in their regular activities, while at the same time easing the burden of the expense for us has helped us all get through this difficult time.

We have come to appreciate the importance of organizations like yours to help families like ours to not feel so alone and feel treated with kindness and compassion.

While Timmy has had support from his school and coaches, his siblings don’t always get that support. People tend to forget that they too are experiencing the fear and heartache that comes with Cancer.

We are all very grateful for your generosity and thoughtfulness!

God Bless,
John and Judy


Partners of the 12 Oaks Foundation