Rachel and Mia’s Story

Personal Message of Thanks

Dear 12 Oaks Foundation,

Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts for what you do for children going through cancer treatment and their siblings.

Rachel is 10 years old and in fourth grade. She LOVES basketball, it’s her “jam” 🙂

Due to the accumulating medical bills and expenses associated with treatment for Mia since her brain cancer diagnosis 4+ years ago we aren’t always able to say yes too many extra activities but due to the generosity of your donors Rachel is able to continue to participate in the sport she loves the most.

Thank you for putting this big smile on this face!

It’s really hard to be the sibling of a kid with cancer. Rachel goes through as much emotionally as Mia does physically. When she’s on the court she can forget about everything else and just focus on the game she loves.

Mia and Rachel’s parents – Lisa and Dan


Partners of the 12 Oaks Foundation