Who is eligible to receive a grant?

Children ages 8-18 whose participation in an athletic or artistic extracurricular activity has been or is at risk of being interrupted by the financial strain of cancer. Currently, we will be serving families in the Illinois and Wisconsin geographic areas with the goal of serving families nationally as funds permit.

Does the extracurricular activity have to involve sports?

No. Any extracurricular activity – be it in athletics or the arts (music, theatre, etc.) -where there are fees and expenses involved will be considered.

Can the family receive a check directly?

No. The 12 Oaks Foundation will write and send a check for the designated amount on your behalf directly to the appropriate individual/organization.

What documentation is necessary to support the amount of grant requested by child?

The application must be accompanied by a copy of a brochure, flyer, website page, or letter from the individual/organization providing the activity or lessons. Please circle or highlight the fee for which the grant is necessary.

In addition, a signed statement by the physician or social worker verifying a child is currently being treated for cancer in the family.

Is there an annual limit on how much money can be granted per family?

Yes. In order for us to touch as many lives as possible, we cap financial support at $500 per child and $2000 per family annually.

Does the family have to meet income qualifications before a child can receive a grant?

No. But proof of illness must be authenticated. We understand ongoing cancer treatment often results in financial strain on families. However, we may request additional information to understand the financial need for the activity or other support that may be available directly from the organization.

Does the family have to repay the grant?

No. Only if the child does not end up participating in the activity, or if the funds are somehow otherwise misappropriated would repayment be required.

May more than one child from a family apply for a grant?

Yes. We examine each grant application on an individual basis, provided the child meets the criteria for eligibility.

May the same child apply for more than one grant per year?

No. In order to help out as many applicants as possible, a child is only eligible to receive one grant annually.

How does 12 Oaks Foundation determine which children receive grants?

The grants committee of the 12 Oaks Foundation reviews each application thoroughly, then awards grants to the children who meet our established guidelines and present compelling cases. We will award grants to these qualified applicants as our funds permit.

What are your sources of funding?

Grants from the 12 Oaks Foundation are made possible by our fundraising events, and the generous contributions of our private donors.