How Giving to 12 Oaks Foundation Makes a Difference

For most of us the holidays are a time of joy and happiness, gratitude, and abundance.

For others, it is not.

Here at 12 Oaks Foundation we receive daily requests from families asking for help to keep their children’s lives normal while the family deals with the crisis that comes with a cancer diagnosis.

These humble requests average around $360. It doesn’t seem like a lot. But when you read the applications, you truly understand what a difference that amount can make in that child’s or children’s lives.

There is the family with five children whose three-year-old not only has Down’s Syndrome, but was also diagnosed with Leukemia this year. We were able to keep the siblings in ski club for the winter months.

There are not one, but two families this month, in which one of the parents has Glioblastoma–brain cancer. Yet, their priority is their children’s dance and music lessons.

And in the photo you see Amari, who will receive his “camo belt” this week. His mother states “It’s so important for him to continue attending a structured program that helps him with focus, self-discipline, attention and the list goes on. It has enabled him to make friends and continue progressing socially. He has done so well and is really looking forward to continuing this journey.”

The crisis of cancer is not just in the cost of treatment, but disruption of normal life. Cancer forces parents to retire on disability at a young age; to spend blocks of time at the hospital in treatment; just the costs of traveling to the hospital and paying for parking over and over, can strain a budget.

You can continue to help us, help others by making a donation this holiday season.

Amari received a grant to keep him in Taekwondo.

Please Consider an End of Year Gift

We hope to raise $10,000 in December through our Thanks to You Campaign. Please consider a tax deductible gift to 12 Oaks Foundation and help us, help children in families with cancer continue their sports and extracurricular activities.

$25 – $250 A gift in this range will be paired with other generous gifts to allow a child to participate in a program that helps him cope with the stress and worry regarding a family member with cancer.

$250 – $500 Your gift in this category will assist 12 Oaks in accomplishing its mission to support children in families with financial hardship due to ongoing cancer treatment.

$500 Your gift will keep a child in his/her sport or extracurricular activity during 2017!

$1,000 – $2000 Gifts in this range allow us to support all the children in a family to pursue their sports or extracurricular activities.

Above $2000–Yours is truly a transformational gift, allowing 12 Oaks Foundation increased capacity to serve families facing financial hardship due to ongoing cancer treatment.

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