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BoA Chicago Marathon

Bank of America Chicago Marathon

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Want to Sponsor a 2017 Matt’s Marathoner? 

We would like to thank the following Matt’s Marathoners who will be representing 12 Oak Foundation proudly at this year’s Bank of America Chicago Marathon on Sunday, October 8, 2017.

Susan Barg

Lora Daley

Tim Elias

Autumn Elrod

Laurie Giumento

Catie Griffin

Paige Kupfer

Liam Lacy

Susan Lee

Patricia Luna

Scott McCoy

Chris Medina

Douglas Nerge

Nicole Nesbitt

Rebecca Norman

Kal Pence

Roosevelt Rice

Rosita Rice

David Sarmiento

Michelle Smith

Our Matt’s Marathoners will represent and raise money on our behalf at the Bank of America Chicago Marathon on October 8, 2017. Visit our Matt’s Marathoners fundraising page today! Search for your favorite runner when you get there by selecting sponsor a runner.

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Release Massage Therapy12 Oaks Foundation appreciates the tremendous effort our team of Bank of America Chicago Marathon runners are making. Not only have they committed to run a marathon, but they also commit to raising $1000 for 12 Oaks. To that end we support our runners by providing access to a first class customized virtual training program through Coach Kopf, It takes a community to achieve our mission!

Congratulations to our 2016 Matt’s Marathoners:

  • Peter Mitchell
  • Marisela Brum
  • Liam Lacy
  • Patricia Luna
  • Mark Mullally
  • Jennifer Burris
  • Rosita Rice

who successfully raised over $9,500 for 12 Oaks Foundation. We are so grateful and appreciative for every mile you ran for children in families affected by cancer


2016 Matt’s Marathoners

Peter’s Story:

“I fell in love with running after school as a way to keep in shape and meet new friends. In 2016 I decided to tackle the Chicago Marathon and Steve Hupp invited me to join the 12 Oaks Foundation Team. Running as part of a group that helps others locally participate in the sports they love makes the journey more special. The families that 12 Oaks Foundation touches have such amazing stories and together we can make more of an impact.”

Patricia’s Story:

“I started running in High School and I learned how calming running could be. It was a valuable experience and established my running foundation. It was my dream to run a full marathon, but the first time I tried I injured myself and underwent knee surgery. I refused to let that stop me in fulfilling my dream. Many people say that I am crazy for running after my surgery, but I am so blessed that I can continue to run. My children see me preparing week after week and they cheer me on. They inspire me to accomplish what may seem to many as an impossible task. This marathon is even more special because I can help families who are experiencing cancer, try and live their lives as normal as possible. I know what cancer can do not only to those who are sick, but to those who love them. Through running and helping others I can demonstrate my strength.”

Marisela’s Story:

“I started running 3 years ago. My husband and I have 3 boys, ages 13, 9 & 7. They keep us pretty busy and I found that running was a great way for me to get a quick workout in at any time. I don’t have to wait for the gym to open in the morning or have to get in my car and drive to my workout. I love that I could just put on my running shoes and go! Although I have run couple of half marathons, I have always had my eye set on the Chicago Marathon. I decided to reach my goal of running a marathon while helping a charity that is near and dear to my family’s heart. My boys go to St. Gilbert School and we have heard of Matt’s story and 12 Oaks Foundation’s wonderful cause. I understand firsthand how important sports and recreational activities are to a young child’s social and physical development and I am honored to raise funds and run in support of this great cause.”

Jenna’s story:

Jenna is a Matt’s Marathoner who will represent and raise money on our behalf at the Bank of America Chicago Marathon on October 9, 2016.
“After I had baby #1 I started doing more to get myself back into shape and I wanted to make my son proud. I also began to reflect on the miracle of mobility. As a small child I was injured in an accident with a lawn mower. Today, I am lucky to still have my leg and even luckier to have no problems with it. Just scars.
At 23 weeks pregnant, with my second child, I ran the Wisconsin half marathon. I felt great! When it was time to deliver, I suffered a separated pelvis and couldn’t walk for 2 weeks. I vowed that in one year I would be back and run my first marathon. In Sept 2015 I did just that.
This year, as a small business owner in Grayslake, I am so happy to be part of Matt’s Marathoners and a community that supports my neighbors who are going through a difficult time.”

2015 Matt’s Marathoners


2014 Matt’s Marathoners: Pete Hansen, Steve Hupp, Daniel Naylor, Julie Hupp, Jim Moroney


On Sunday, October 11, 12 Oaks Foundation had 6 Matt’s Marathoners who participated in our second Bank of America Chicago Marathon.

Representing 12 Oaks

2015 Matt’s Marathoners: John Moroney, Michelle Westbay, Liam Lacy, Seth Birk, Naomi Janovec Easley, and Ryan Rakocy.


Our Matt’s Marathoners finished strong and represented 12 Oaks Foundation proudly; collectively raising a total of $7,222! Thank you!

Partners of the 12 Oaks Foundation