Our Mission

Welcome to 12 Oaks Foundation. 12 Oaks was founded in 2010 by Julie and Steve Hupp after their son Matt passed away from cancer at the tender age of 13 years old. The Hupps created 12 Oaks not only to honor Matt, but to honor the community that supported them during Matt’s diagnosis and treatment, and to pay it forward to other families. 

12 Oaks Foundation provides grants to help defray the cost of sports and extracurricular activities for children in families suffering financial hardship related to ongoing cancer treatment.

Here at 12 Oaks Foundation we receive daily requests from families asking for help to keep their children’s lives normal and stable while the family deals with the crisis that comes with a cancer diagnosis.

These humble requests average around $360. It doesn’t seem like a lot. But when you read the applications, you truly understand what a difference that amount can make in that child’s or children’s lives, as well as in the family.

The crisis of cancer is not just in the cost of treatment, but disruption of normal life. Cancer forces changes in the family dynamic beyond financial stress–parents to retire on disability at a young age and/or are forced to spend blocks of time at the hospital in treatment with one of their children. Just the costs of traveling to the hospital and paying for parking over and over, or staying overnight near the hospital can strain a budget.

12 Oaks is unique among cancer support organizations. Research supports the importance of 12 Oaks Foundation mission of funding children in families with someone in active cancer treatment to continue their extracurricular activities plays a vital role in long term mental health of the children.


Hoops for Hope

March 18-19, 2017




Matt’s Miles

September 2017


Bank of America Chicago Marathon

October 8, 2017

Together We’ve Helped

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The Shmulie Family

A grant helped four of the Shmulie family children stay in their art and music lessons while their brother is being treated for leukemia.
Dear 12 Oaks Foundation:
Thank you so much for all that you do for so many, we really were happy to be able to continue our lessons last year, and […]