Cancer Hurts.
We help the hurt.

When a family member is fighting cancer, the whole family can suffer. Emotional and financial resources become depleted at an alarming rate.  For a sibling or a child of a cancer patient, life is turned upside down.  

12 Oaks Foundation provides grants to help defray the cost of sports and extracurricular activities for children in families suffering financial hardship related to ongoing cancer treatment.

Raising Funds
Raising Awareness

12 Oaks Foundation is built around three main fundraising events. These events not only raise money for our mission, they raise the awareness that participation in extracurricular events can be a financial burden for families touched by cancer.

And, the events are fun for all…join us!

Expanding Our Reach Through Sponsors and Partners

At 12 Oaks Foundation we are motivated to continue to make a meaningful difference in the lives of families touched by cancer. In 2016 alone, we assisted over 150 children in the Illinois and Wisconsin area!  We are proud of those numbers, but also wonder how how many more families we could help. We can’t do this alone.

To help us continue our important mission and continue our growth we need to add partners and sponsors.  Won’t you join our team?

Featured Family

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Shmulie’s Story

A grant helped four of Shmulie’s siblings stay in their art and music lessons.
Dear 12 Oaks Foundation:
Thank you so much for all that you do for so many, we really were happy to be able to continue our lessons last year, […]