Thanks to You!

Thanks to you over 250 children have received assistance in the past six years through the 12 Oaks Foundation allowing them to stay connected to their passions and interests through small grants to their families. Whether you made a direct donation or volunteered or participated in Matt’s Miles, Hoops for Hope or the Gala, you have directly helped these families.

Research shows that 52% of children in families with cancer suffer from post-traumatic stress syndrome. The National Cancer Institute advises parents, when supporting the siblings of the child with cancer, among other things to:

Keep things as normal as you can and arrange to keep your other children involved in school-related events and other activities that are important to them.

12 Oaks Foundation is on target to provide support for 150 children with $50,000 in grants in 2017 alone. By working through hospitals and local groups awareness of the foundation has spread and the requests continue to grow. A typical grant is up to $500 per child and $2,000 per family.

You can help by donating to support these children.

With our sincere gratitude,
Julie and Steve Hupp and the Board of Directors of 12 Oaks Foundation


Twelve Oaks Foundation


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In Their Words

amandaMy name is Amanda and I am 16 years old. I started playing volleyball when I was in junior high. I immediately fell in love with it the second I got on the court. There are so many things that make this sport amazing to me, but I truly believe the best gifts are the friendships I have made and the memories that will last forever. Every game is a new experience, and a new challenge.

One of the biggest things I’ve learned from playing volleyball this past year since my dad became sick is that every time I step foot on the court I forget about all my worries and my only focus is on the game. My family went through a lot with my dad being in and out of the hospital and when he was home he still wasn’t quite himself. Sometimes during these times the only thing I looked forward to was going to practice or my upcoming tournaments. It was my escape and it really helped me through some tough times. I have a very strong passion for volleyball, and I hope to play in college. I have always loved being active and playing sports, but volleyball is more than just a game to me. If I am having a bad day, volleyball can turn that day completely around. Being on the court with my friends who eventually become my second family is an amazing feeling that I look forward to with each new season.

Thank you for all that your foundation has done for me and my family.

Thank You

Thank you for your generous grant on behalf of your organization for Amanda. Amanda is a talented young athlete and your contribution will go far in helping her stay active and striving for her goals and dreams.

With appreciation, Mike Falk, owner, Net Force Volleyball

Meet Our Supporters

donorWhen I think of unimaginable strength and faith, I think of the Hupp Family. I look around and find that the strongest people in any room, both then and now, are Steve and Julie. They took the loss of their oldest son, and turned it into the motivation behind 12 Oaks Foundation. They found a way to lose something so precious, then give back to the community.

Lose… and then Give. It’s remarkably inspirational.

They honor Matt’s legacy by tirelessly and generously giving of themselves to keep kids involved in sports and extra-curricular activities… to give kids an opportunity to develop all those amazing attributes Matt and the rest of the rest of his family have found in sports and each other.

Why do I stay involved? Inspiration, Faith and Family.